BFO Podcast e.07

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times. Chris & Andy dig deep to find confidence after a crushing #Bears season opener.

Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

Yesterday was something of a bleak-ish day for your author, so I decided to cobble together what I believe are positives for the Bears franchise in regards to one Ryan Pace.  Let’s swig a bit of blue and orange kool-aid, shall we? 2015 DRAFT Eddie Goldman, 2nd round:  He’s the anchor of the Bears defensive…

BFO Podcast e.04 – Jordan Howard Drama

In E04 of the BearsFansOnline Podcast, Chris & Andy ponder the Jordan Howard drama, speculate about Top 10 NFL Draft scenarios, and speculate about Cam Meredith’s likely (or unlikely?) return to the team.

Clumsy, confident Bears looking to grow between Primetime challenges

In week one, the Bears played a resilient, crafty half of football before the talent threshold dissolved in quarters three and four.  The team wasn’t outright pounded, but there were positives in spite of the loss.  It was the type of frustrating-yet-understandable loss fans have begrudgingly acclimated themselves to as the young & rebuilding Bears…