January Nothings

Heya folks. Bullet-style thoughts for this “It’s been awhile, let’s catch up” post. I apologize in advance for the wooden nature of this entry, as I’m only a cup of coffee deep on a freezing, dull Thursday.

  • NFTs and the modern art trade surrounding them is all glorified money laundering. If you’re wondering why something as ridiculous as NFTs ever made a foothold and got so popular, that is why.
  • I’ve been binging Robert Stack-era Unsolved Mysteries seasons, and it is awesome. I grew up absolutely terrified of this show, and while it’s got some really hokey acting in the reenactments, there’s still a lot of moments where I get freaked out. Especially in regard to ghosts! I had no idea I was so scared of ghosts, but this show, tacky acting and all, really stirs something in me that gets terrified. A fire alarm went off while I was halfway-listening to a ghost episode and I nearly died of fright.
  • We spent Christmas in Arizona, and it was so cool. The weather wasn’t classic arid heat, but that didn’t matter. The scenery of the region is gorgeous, and spending that time with my family was everything I wanted for Christmas and more. We went to a driving range while we were there, and to my surprise, I can actually hit a damned golf ball! I’m not great with a driver, but hand me a 5-iron and I can get by.
  • New Years Eve wasn’t anything special. We had to cancel plans since we hadn’t gotten our COVID results back (they sent the results at 1:38AM; thanks CVS!), so it was a lazy night with our pups. Can’t go wrong with those, but we dearly miss our friends. Stupid pandemic.
  • The Bears fired their General Manager and Head Coach. These are great steps, but the same idiots run the team from on high, so…whatever, I guess. Wife’s delighted that there’s no football for 6 months, so woohoo!
  • Speaking of my better half, she’s started to play Animal Crossing New Horizons, and it’s one of the neatest things I’ve gotten to witness. She tells me about her adventures scuba diving and cultivating her flowers, how she hates the goat villager that is unpleasant to interact with, etc. It’s legitimately become one of my favorite parts of each day. My next mission is to get her into Stardew Valley. Results pending.
  • Currently in a game lull, personally. There’s always NHL 22/PGA to play on my Xbox, and I definitely want to fire up Anno 1800 before too long to get back into that sucker. Sadly I think my craving is for a Diablo game, and D4 won’t be coming out for a good while. Diablo 3 is still mildly entertaining, and the D2 remaster is pretty disappointing, honestly. Grim Dawn scratches the itch slightly, but only just. Feel free to pepper me with game suggestions on any platform.
  • HBO’s Succession is great. We blew through three seasons of that series within a couple weeks, and while everybody on that show is unlikeable, the acting is tremendous and the storylines are good and juicy. Who knew that the bed-pissing Fuller would go on to be the finest Culkin to ever act?

That’s all for now. the missus and I are going to watch some stuff about the Shroud of Turin and maybe some gross zit-popping videos on YouTube. Seeya.

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