Greetings From October

Probably a good time to check in.

Disney World 2021 back in September was a blast. I had a lot more written up about the experience but the moment to post about it has passed, plus it’s nothing you haven’t read about a trip to Disney World before. The primary takeaways are the experiences shared between me, my wife, and my parents-in-law, and we’ve got plenty of photos and memories to bolster those good feelings. My Disney “feelings,” for lack of a better word, have actually gotten more volume since we’ve returned to Illinois. I’m so intrigued by the operation of the parks and that Disney high that most people chase, like a contemporary myth that can only be pursued at El Dorado or something. We crave that jet of emotion, of pure nostalgic innocence, that certain Disney stimulus can provide and is best felt in person surrounded by a cheerful facade, unpolluted by stress and worry, built only to make us smile and have a good time. Is Disney a giant corporate machine without a soul just like all the others? Of course, but it’s impossible to deny that when you’re there, you feel something special.

October and the Fall season are finally here, and while we did have a weird week or so with 70+ degree weather, it appears things are well and truly autumnal. My collection of Fall short stories, Tales From a Fall Kid, is more or less complete, but between this post and next year, I’m sure I’ll pen some more. Stylistically a book that really caught my eye recently was Charlie Mackesy’s “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse.” The handwritten and lavish details on every page is exactly where I’d like my book to be in terms of aesthetic, and hopefully within a few years I’ll have this and maybe one or two others available, or at the very least bound and sitting on a shelf in my home.

Thanks to a friend tipping me off, I was able to submit my poems to a local theatre’s page for a Halloween show they’re doing on the final weekend of October, and sure enough they let me know that two of my stories will be adapted! I have no idea how they’ll translate into being presented by the actors of the troupe, but I’ve seen them perform several times and have always been impressed.

If you live in the Champaign-Urbana area and would be interested in attending, here’s the details.

My wife and I had our two-year anniversary, and to celebrate we enjoyed a simple picnic at a local park. It feels, in all the best ways, like we’ve been together for far more than two years, and it’s really, really cool to reflect on our relationship, while also being cognisant of every day with her being a reason for loving life. I’m all for resonating happiness internally from points of achievement, work ethic, tiny things you as an individual do, etc., but when you can bolster that with the absolute joy of being with somebody who is utterly perfect for you, it takes things to a different level.

On a similar note, friendships are hard to maintain after you find The Person. I confess I’ve not been as proactive and aggressive about keeping my groups of friends in my life, but there’s progress. A group text is honestly the best way to keep an ongoing dialogue with the people you care about, and it’s working wonders to renew at least some measure of proximity. If any of my old buddies are reading this, I’m always thinking of you and we’ll hang out soon. The teleportation technology just isn’t there yet, but I will forever have a beer handy and a fire set aside for us to gather ’round.

There are a group of area friends Amy and I have cultivated over the last couple years who we, for lack of a better word, have become smitten with, and between the pandemic and Life Things, we have only been able to cram in a few precious hangs with. If any of them are reading this, know getting to know you and become close to you has been, for lack of a better word, fucking amazing, and you are all often present in our minds.

We’re getting into Thankful season, and we are thankful for those we’re lucky enough to call friends. Personally I’m also thankful to have amazing in-laws and parents/siblings who I try to remind myself on a daily basis that I am so incredibly lucky for them being in my life.

Anyway, we can talk about some sports stuff briefly if you have the time.

The Bears season is entering the thick of it, and as usual it appears to be another whatever season featuring a whatever team pinning its hopes onto a young quarterback whose career may be squandered if they don’t get the formula right. I’ve been OK with Justin Fields so far, and the team does make for mostly interesting television, but what was obviously a ~.500 team is panning out to be, well, just that, maybe a hair above if I’m being kind. I have given up trying to prognosticate anything specific with the Bears, as it’s not worth the energy or time to do anything beyond tuning in to the games and occasionally listen to some coverage on the radio/reading on The Athletic. I just want to live to see the team win a Super Bowl. Beyond that, I can’t give them anything more than I already have, which is way more than what they deserve.

I’m staying at a distance from the Blackhawks until their sex scandal thing is figured out. In the interim I’ve gently been following the Calgary Flames while keeping an eye on the Seattle Kraken because New and Shiny. Hockey rules.

That’s all for now. Open the windows to let in that Fall air, put some campfire smell on the breeze, and bust out the cozy clothes. Relish it before we’re all inside for 3 months when it’s colder than the lake of ice around a frosty blue Satan.

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