Grass and April Tidbits

The Sun Returns, Thus Rises the Grass

Mowed my yard for the first time this year the other day, and it’s one of those weird feelings that I’m still navigating as an adult. When I was young, mowing the yard was typically a great way to ruin a Saturday. I took very little pleasure in it, and felt like my mowing ability was never meeting expectations (to be fair, I probably didn’t do a great job). As I got older and would mow for neighbors, I started taking some pride in mowing, and when Amy and I bought this house, having to oversee the yard was strangely one of the things I was looking forward to after having lived in rentals for the previous decade or so.

Our yard is pretty small, which is definitely a plus when it comes to the amount of time I have to dedicate to maintaining it, and after years of spending a few hours a day mowing several yards, mowing for half an hour is nothing. Trimming, on the other hand, has been a continuous learning experience. There is absolutely an acquired touch to using a trimmer just to get the basics, much less nailing that kickass edging ditch that the pros all do with such ease.

The biggest lesson I’ve taken away from the lawncare portion of being a homeowner has been to not aim for perfection and do the best I can. There’s portions of the yard that suck, are weirdly sloped, are hard to get at because of trees, etc. Grass is all uneven, there’s giant swaths of clover, over and under seeded, various shades of green, you get the idea. The prospect of trying to achieve some sort of astroturf-esque perfect plane is both unrealistic and exhausting to ponder. Feel free to send me your everyman lawncare tips if you got ’em.


It took a few years or whatnot, but I’ve finally gotten into TikTok. I’ve made some, and they’re fun enough, but very quickly I realized that it takes a fair amount of time and effort to make a TikTok that’s not just 15-60 seconds of talking to your phone. That said, there’s clearly a huge TikTok army of creators who spend probably 3-8 hours a day churning out content, grinding for that one post to go viral. It’s weird.

This is also my first experience joining an app where clearly people in my demographic are signaling the death of it. There’s plenty of TikTok hashtags for isolating the “olds” and keeping everybody in their respective lanes, but it’s amusing to know us mid-30’s folk and older are having fun with an app clearly built for Vine castoffs and tweens. I dunno. It’s fun.

Games I’ve Been Playin’


If you’re into Mega Man, particularly the X series, you’d probably enjoy 20XX quite a bit.


Duck Tales, but way more fun. Amazing soundtrack, too.


I love little games like these. Switch store dumpster dive that’s won me over.


The best hockey game on PC available today, which is really, really sad.


It’s like Alien Swarm and Ikaruga.


Pretty solid story, fun pixel art style, and great atmosphere.

That’s all I got for now. We’re vaccinated and arranging for visits here and there to see friends and family. Hopefully we cross many paths in the next few months. Get your vaccine as soon as possible, people.

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