Brief Thoughts, June/July 2020


Finding the enthusiasm to write a new entry has been pretty difficult. With putting most of my energy toward my little (and expanded!) family, nursing a healing arm (oh yeah, I broke my elbow), and tolerating the overall bleakness that has lingered over 2020 like a damp cloud, I don’t have much vigor to spout into the world. It’ll get better – it has to – but for now, my household is hunkering down as best we can, waiting with eager, rigorous enthusiasm for the end of this horrid year, and a resumption of everyday pre-quarantine life.

After taking the better part of 6 years off, I’ve resumed doing regular weekly podcasts with the Basically a Sports Show guys. We started the podcast in 2012, primarily to discuss sports media and uniform/logo design, and two years later I left the show, citing fatigue with recording, editing, producing, and publishing the podcast. The three remaining guys made the show their own ever since, shaping it into a quirky, casual listen that is wonderfully approachable and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

I’d popped in, usually annually, to participate in a yearly “March Madness” inspired event, but with the pandemic keeping everybody at home and my life nicely settled down, the trio was nice enough to dust off the chair they left behind for me and we’ve resumed business. Podcasting is great fun, but I’d be much more inclined to make a full-time gig of it if I didn’t have to worry about income, as producing and publishing a quality show takes its fair share of hours a week.

My brother’s discovered a passion for the medium, and it’s exciting to watch him take the torch and run with it. I hope it ends up being a long-term gig.

Sports-wise, it’s incredibly difficult to care about anything that’s going on. Baseball’s prepping for a shortened season, but until there’s actually a product on the field to watch, I’m not going to work up the energy to care. Patrick Mahomes just got a huge contract, and everybody’s using it as a pillar to freshly tear up Mitch Trubisky.

I don’t care. Everybody just assumes there will be an NFL season, but again, until the product is actually happening and there are plans in place for responsibly dealing with infected athletes/staff, my available energy to care is simply too low.

Things are incredibly frustrating. How can I be upset over a sports thing when we can’t make plans to travel? How can I worry about the Bears offensive line when we have to stress over something as simple as friends and family visiting our home?

Just getting to the morning coffee can be a tedium. Being an American in 2020 is miserable.

I know things will get better, but they won’t get better soon. But hey, fuck Mitch Trubisky, right?

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