There’s a lot of frustrations when it comes to dealing with the seemingly interminable pandemic that’s hanging over lives. There’s the political kettle which is permanently set to a boil and any issue that even remotely involves Trump forces people to pick sides; there’s the lingering concern as to when the virus will peter out and we can resume our normal lives; there’s the people who seem to give zero shits and go about business as usual, elongating the pandemic for everybody; the incessant boredom, the working from home, the loss of jobs for many, the anxiety over summer and fall plans that hang in the balance for many, etc.

We’re all sick of this, but the bulk of us are doing the right thing, and that makes me happy. Even most of those whom I would think, as likely Trump voters, would decry the virus as a Democrat-driven hysteria seem to be taking the proper precautions and grumpily waiting just like everybody else.

To those who are giving even the slightest bit of concern, wearing masks, staying home as much as possible, and not being an antagonist disseminator of lies, I say thank you. We may not agree on much politically, but thanks for at least having respect for our population’s well-being (or at least your own).

Here’s what we’ve been up to since my last post, beyond Animal Crossing and binge-watching:

  • Zoom Games: Trivia Nights and Jackbox Games have become a huge deal during the pandemic, and our household is no different. Friday nights we meet up with friends and see how (poorly) we do at trivia, have some drinks, and mingle briskly. Jackbox Games with them and family have been a total blast. I hope after the pandemic ends we still find time to do these activities fairly regularly just to bridge the distance gap.
  • Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes: I’ve played this a few times with larger groups, but my wife hadn’t heard of it until the other day. We love Escape Rooms, and this is about as close as you can get with two unshowered people in pajamas wanting the thrill of working puzzles against a clock.
  • NY Times Crosswords: The app requires an annual subscription fee to unlock all the juicy bits, but it’s been a wonderful daily tradition to work into my routine. I’ve never been much of a crossword person, but after wife and I started watching Jeopardy pretty regularly, I found this weird thirst for trivia unslaked. The NYT Crossword scratches that itch pretty well. I’m not any better at trivia by any means, but I know more stuff than I would otherwise, which is swell.
  • Podcasting: I was a founding member of the Basically a Sports Show podcast from 2012-2014 or so, and they have been carrying the torch for all the years since. I’ve dipped into the show every now and then, since the “empty chair” policy is always kindly available to me from the cast, but with the pandemic it’s been almost medicinal to resume being a regular part of the show once again. I enjoy the debate and banter, and it’s fun as hell to produce various intros/etc again.

We’re all healthy and well, as I hope you are, too. Stay home, stay safe, wash your hands.

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