Killing Time Blues

As somebody who’s never worked from home before, I can’t say it’s been overly great as I enter week two of the isolation. The best parts are that I can be naked, hang out with my wife in the office all day, and if I need to poop, I get my own personal, comfortable bathroom in which to do so. Plus there’s no 5-10 minute commute to the office, which is always great. My dog loves having both of us home, of course, and our office has adapted seamlessly into a working-from-home lifeboat.

That said, I don’t get to hang out with my co-workers (or basically any other human beings), and the nature of my job has been halved since the interactions I usually have in the building are either gone outright or replaced virtually. In short, it’s weird, but we make do.

When we’re not working is another matter.

  • CHORES: A lot of people have been using this as an opportunity to tidy up, and we’ve done the same, sorta. We tag-teamed building this pain-in-the-ass shoe rack that’s been sitting in the closet for a few days, did a small mountain’s worth of laundry, and wiped stuff down with a bit more of a concerted effort. The first lawn-mowing of 2020 occurred, to the contempt of my pooch, and the few days of sunshine have definitely helped us feel like we’re not quite as cooped up. We literally sat out in the backyard in chairs for about an hour the other day just to get some rays and know the world is larger than four walls.
  • “MEETING:” FaceTime and it’s many equivalents have been invaluable. My sister and folks all talked for a bit, complete with our respective pets, and my in-laws have video called a few times as well. Hell, even some of my departmental cohorts hold a weekly get-together just to chat for 40-odd minutes. It’s refreshing and necessary to do this, lest we crawl too deeply into ourselves.
  • COOKING: It’s been nice to bust out the grill and cook some actual food while this pandemic has been blanketing the world, but it hasn’t stopped me from digging into our reserves to make do with what we have. For example, the other day I made a frozen stir-fry meal and dumped it upon a mound of air-fryer-crisped french fries.
  • GAMES: Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been a fun diversion, as has Minecraft. Each is both definitely wearing out their respective welcomes, but Super Mega Baseball 3 is on the horizon for release in April, so that will help immensely.
  • SHOWS & MOVIES: Tiger King was fun and delightfully horrible. Love Is Blind was trashy in all the right ways. We’re re-watching Sherlock and I’ve started my umpteenth re-watching of Deadwood. Several depressing documentaries are on deck.
  • WORRY: We try not to do this one often, but it’s nigh impossible. Every day there’s another mouth-fart from the President and all the other disgusting cretins that run the Senate and the better part of the southern United States, botching this entire fucking thing while thousands die.

Hopefully everybody’s doing the best that they can. We miss you.

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