Sports (Bears) Musings: March 2020

Once again, here’s a succint bit of sporty-mind-porridge from my lobe to yours. As we’re all (hopefully) at home during this pandemic, so too are all major sports operations. In other words, there’s basically nothing to discuss when it comes to the Cubs and Blackhawks. There’s a surprising amount of Bears news to bandy about, however, but otherwise, not so much. Let’s delve.

Chicago Bears: Uh, Alright Then

Considering how much of a slog the 2019 Bears campaign of resuming irrelevance was, my interest in the Bears 2020 offseason has been less than piqued. I am absolutely fine with all these months of delay before the next NFL season, much less putting forth any energy to gird my loins up for Chicago Bears football.

They kicked things off by signing TE Jimmy Graham, a 33-year old who’s on the creaky side and benefitted greatly from playing with some guy named Aaron Rodgers. The Bears already have a slightly younger, possibly more-injured equivalent on their roster in the perpetually unavailable Trey Burton, so the way I look at this is Burton will likely be gone. But who the hell knows. There are something like 11 tight ends on the roster currently, so one of them’s gotta work out right?



Barkevious Mingo, Jordan Lucas, and Artie Burns are (hopefully) depth/special teams guys that bring something (anything?) to the table and are never in a position to start more than a couple games (if any). Bringing back a guy like Isaiah Irving is basically the same deal. Camp body. Irving was a major presence in preseason a couple years ago, but has been a non-factor otherwise.

I like Deon Bush coming back to the fold. He was a slow bloomer, but has shown he can be a spot-starter and key special teams contributor. Gotta say I’m disappointed in losing Nick Kwiatkoski to the Raiders, but he’s a possible compensatory pick. Danny Trevathan must be healthy for the Bears to give him the deal they did (3 years), and I get the whole leadership thing, but health is very meaningful for a guy who just crossed the dreaded 30 threshold.

Robert Quinn is a coin flip. He’s been a nothingburger in the 3-4 and flourished in the 4-3, but the Bears are essentially signing him to be playing with his hand in the dirt every snap regardless of scheme. It’s a gamble to benefit either Quinn or Mack or both, and I like him infinitely better than a guy like Leonard Floyd (good luck in LA, dude). That said, the Bears are getting older very quickly, and if 2020 doesn’t pan out, the rebuild is right there again, with a bunch of old guys saddled with bad deals.

And then there’s the Nick Foles trade. I like the acquisition. It cost a late 4th round compensatory pick, but if Foles can revert to the mean and be a solid QB, the Bears will only profit from this move. The key is if Trubisky is going to be in camp at all. I don’t like the idea of keeping a guy who you’ve clearly lost faith in after giving him two years of “THIS GUY IS THE MAN” hype, and while I don’t think he’d bring much return, you can expand your draft options. If Josh Rosen can be dealt for an upper-tier pick, you could probably get at least a 3rd for Trubisky.

I dunno. I still like Mitch and think he could pan out to be an okay starter, but I think that isn’t something that’ll happen in Chicago. I never should’ve purchased a Trubisky jersey the day he was drafted. This one’s on me, folks.

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