I used to really like wearing gloves when I was a kid. Like winter gloves. It was just … a thing I had. A lot of things I really enjoyed wore gloves: Mickey Mouse, Mario, Sonic The Hedgehog, etc. Everybody wore ’em. My favorite WWF wrestlers wore ’em. I was all about it.

There’s at least one picture of me randomly wearing gloves on what I presume is a summer’s day while hanging with my buddies. Let me see if I can find it.

(I couldn’t find it)

Anyway, the point is, I liked gloves. I’d routinely root through the box of winter garb to find neat ones to play with. Favorite ones were these long navy blue gloves of my mom’s. I eventually cut the fingers off of those because, as we all know, fingerless gloves are badass. I’m sure my dad was sweating bullets a few times during the Glove Days.

Now as I type this post to you, all these many years later, sitting in semi-quarantine with virtually the rest of the world. I am also wearing gloves. My 8-year old self would be elated, but these aren’t the gloves I’d prefer to be wearing. These ones are blue and medical in nature, made from what I assume is rubbery latex.

I’m wearing them because if I’m handling other people’s computer hardware, something I do very, very frequently at my work, I don’t want other people to infect me, or me to infect other people with COVID-19. We’re talkin’ Coronavirus, people. As almost every single person reading this should know by now, this is a global pandemic that we’ll likely discuss the rest of our lives.

Those that live through it, anyway.

Some aren’t listening, and that’s to be expected. Darwin often requires sacrifice, and while the weak often perish unwillingly, some members of the herd are happy to let the predator eat them from the asshole up:

As of this writing, numerous beaches in Florida are spiting the peril to take advantage of all the spring breakers that put their blinders firmly on. Money and fun, living in the moment, pretending something bad doesn’t exist.

That kind of ignorance is unforgivably stupid, but it’s still nothing in comparison to how primarily Republicans and the President have failed all of us, and continue to do so. There’s only so much that can be said for them, because we know they’re evil. We’re all well aware politicians in general aren’t too be overly trusted because, in the end, we’re all corrupt-able. One party just happens to embrace it is all.

What we can do is protect one another. Wear the gloves, the masks. Wash our hands. Stay home. Especially staying home. No trip or obligation is worth it. No wedding, no vacation.

Had a really nice call with my in-laws last night, and I’d like to FaceTime with my family soon as well. It’s as good as we can do without making a trip, and I highly suggest to all of you to take advantage of the tools we have to keep face to digital face with those you love.

I hope we all make it through this okay. And let’s hope we all learn something from it, but chances are we won’t. Our country is stubborn and some of us are willfully stupid. Maybe in a way we deserved this.

The gloves make it pretty hard to type, so I’ll wrap it up there.

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