Many Happy Returns

I’ve kept a blog informally for many years.  From Blogger, Blogspot, MySpace, Facebook, and any other number of pages that either offered blog posts as a primary or secondary feature, and like so many blogs, it is better served as a dialogue between me and myself, since I don’t expect circulation or promotion of my materials.

In some regards that’s a much better, healthier way to write.  In other regards, maybe I’m settling for too lonely and low a trajectory.

Previously on 1985edition I would write with a pretty heavy-handed focus on Chicago sports, namely the Bears.  That’s definitely not where I’m headed, at least right now.  I no longer do any podcasts.  I rarely do artwork and only occasionally write bits and pieces of a novel I’ve been poking at for the better part of 4 years.

So what am I up to these days? What could I possibly have to write about?

I got married in October to my lovely wife and best friend, and married life is an endless learning experience that never ceases to keep the coals stirred. Just before Christmas we adopted a rescue puppy Shih Tzu, and he has been a daily exercise in patience. Both of these events have filled my life with responsibility and joy, and I can safely express intense contentment and satisfaction.

That said, I have been very internal with my opinions and thoughts. Talking to my wife every day is wonderful, but there are days where she discovers, probably to her chagrin, that I’ve delved into a rabbit hole of political or societal melancholy. She handles my dark delving with expected grace and humor, thankfully, but often this process ultimately ends with me rambling angrily in the car while she smiles and asks if I’m done yet so we can go back about the daily business of keeping each other’s hopes and hearts up to snuff.

L’amour, non?

I’d like to use this platform, once again, for talking about all the things. I miss writing in doses for friends and family to read, to know me better, and to occasionally fuel discussion. I don’t know how often I’ll give enough of a damn to discuss Chicago sports, but that’s always possible. Movies, games, music, family, life, food, tiny moments, big ones, curiosities, criticisms.

I want to tell you all about what it’s been like to raise a dog, to organize a wedding, to grow and change as a person, to get sick, to heal, to fall in love with a band, to weather, to crossword puzzles, and on it goes.

It feels good to write again.

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