The Modern Republican, a.k.a. the Romantic Fall of American Decency

What a weird time to be alive.

A person who has never once in his life held an office that was ever intended to serve the public was elected Leader of the Free World courtesy of perhaps the most selfish and emotional electorate to ever cast a vote for the Presidency.  This was aided by a lingering contempt for the Clinton family, blatant prejudice, and election map shenanigans that double down on an election process that is more comparable to the clusterfuckery of determining what is and isn’t a catch in the NFL than a straightforward procedure.


This is no way trying to undermine the electorate’s decision or cry out that Clinton should supplant Trump.  What’s done is done, and setting some kind of awful precedent for whimsically ousting a sitting President due only to emotional repudiation, policy backlash, and the visage of shimmering incompetence is dangerous.  Besides, Trump more than likely already fucked up enough times to provide spools of rope to hang him and his underlings ten times over.  Whether or not that ever happens is, well, murky.

In short, this guy is a horrible President, and the Republican party is virtually licking the glass of the Nazi Memorabilia exhibit at the Smithsonian.  I don’t know how good or bad the people in power are on that side of the aisle, but their policy and stances on many things are inhuman at best, societally destructive at best.

The Democrats and liberals are absolutely imperfect, and certainly need to be held to a higher standard in addition to facing deserved scrutiny for a plethora of missteps, cowardice, and hypocrisy that has striped their party for years, in addition to the dream-chasing lunacy of how some young people would want to handle financial forgiveness.

That said, at least Liberals/Democrats aren’t suppressing every living, breathing American who is non-white, makes less than $500 thousand annually, non-Christian, and anti-war.

There is nothing of value to the Republican party.  They are essentially in the business of oppression, scandal, double-talk, and classism.  Everyone else can die off, and the sooner they do it, the better.

Natural resources are nothing more than Stuff that needs to be destroyed in order to bolster profits.  Climate Change isn’t real.  News reports that don’t paint Republicans in a positive light are lies.  Young people who disagree simply “haven’t been around long enough to understand.”

That’s all horse shit.

As with nearly every political diatribe on the internet, this is simply my venting and it will go nowhere.  I could reference statistics, but Republicans wouldn’t validate the sources anyway.  I could cite moments in history, but Republicans would claim that those lessons don’t apply to this age.  I could try to appeal to the good nature and hearts in all mankind, but Republicans don’t have either of those.

They just want your money.  And they want you to die.  But will only take both after you’ve voted for them.

They are ghosts of our worst characteristics, raising high the scourges of tax as they crack down on the bloodless horses named Ignorance, Racism, Stupidity, and Greed; the Chariot of Death leaving a trail of bodies in its wake, all who smiled in their final years spent watching Fox News repeat their flaws back to them between commercials.

They are the worst of us all, and to be an American in 2017/2018 is a thing of great shame.  For now.  I sincerely hope with all my heart someday we can be proud again, but as of this writing, I think I’d welcome dystopia.


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