It’s About Time.





And none too soon.

Some of the more conservative football minds, Bears fans and otherwise, are curiously hesitant.  The questions aren’t altogether bad, but they do smack of being slightly cowardly:  Is he ready?  Is this too soon?  What if the Bears mess up his development?

Then there’s the other side where people would sooner blame the issues the Bears suffered in their 1-3 start on the wobbly/injured offensive line and wide receiver group.  “Who will block for Trubisky?  Who will Trubisky throw to?”  Again – these aren’t bad questions, but they also don’t matter now.

Trubisky has athleticism, poise, timing, intangibles, leadership, and is simply a more physically gifted better quarterback than Glennon in ALL ways.  His development can’t linger on the bench any longer throwing to the 2’s and such.  He got to see what not to do in games thanks to 16 awful quarters of Mike Glennon pissing away his NFL career.

I apologize for the music, but let’s observe Mitch’s preseason highlights.  It’s night and day.


The time for suffering under Glennonball is over (hopefully).  Starting next Monday, get ready for the new era.

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