A Few Winter Thoughts

I’m a huge winter fan.  Mostly.

Don’t get me wrong, summer is cool in its own way.  I love the storms, the hot rain, the numerous opportunities to wear cargo shorts, etc.  Vacations are usually alright (usually…), but ultimately?  Not my thing.

The best time of the year is when the leaves change colors & the sky turns grey.

The best feeling in the world is the first cold wind to blow in and send a chill up your spine.

There’s nothing like seeing the first snowfall of the year, especially when it comes before January.

There’s nothing like drinking a cup of hot tea while looking out through a frosted window.

There’s no feeling in the world like driving slowly around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights twinkling through piles of snow & illuminated trees sparkling through living room windows.

Obviously winter has drawbacks.

It’s miserable having to scrape ice off of your vehicle’s windshield.

It sucks watching your energy bill soar.

It’s stupid that snow is maybe 3% of winter weather (in central Illinois anyway), replaced instead by “wintry mix,” a hellish punishment of slushy rain that turns to ice nearly instantly.

It’s lame that work requires attendance even when the roads are either covered in a sheet of ice or a foot of snow.

But for all of that?  I don’t mind it.  I prefer it.  Mostly.

At least before January 2nd.


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