The Bears Lebowski

The injuries are not the issue here, Dude.

Okay, so they’re certainly not helping.  Our lives as Bears fans were plodding along just fine.  We mosied the aisles of NFL fandom before writing a check for a carton of half-and-half, returned home to our dismal domiciles, and then Hroniss Grasu blew out his knee in a non-contact drill in front of a Soldier Field packed with smiling families.

Not long after that, Eddie Royal and Zach Miller both sustained concussions and were shelved for two weeks.  Danny Trevathan is battling a hamstring injury, but still managed to play in the third preseason game against Kansas City.  Nick Kwiatkoski too injured his hammy, yet returned to practice just this week.  Kyle Long messed up his labrum and the team is shrouding all information about that particular issue in the now-standard Halas Hall Fog.  Now we’re finding out that Pernell McPhee’s busted-ass knee may need more time to heal, if it ever heals completely at all.

It’s a bummer, man.  It’s a bummer.

Lot of ins, lot of outs.  It’s a complicated case, man, but the injuries are not the issue.

Even if the team was healthy, expectations for year two of the Pace/Fox rebuild were middling, and while optimism reigned in previous months, this preseason has really put a damper on things.  It doesn’t matter at all, honestly, and injuries affect all teams in the NFL.  Just ask the Vikings, who yesterday lost Teddy for at least a calendar year, if not longer.

Teddy who loved football.  In your wisdom, you took him, Lord, as you took Grasu, Jenkins, Mewhort, and so many more young flowering NFL talents.

Goodnight, sweet princes.

Teams all find a way to adapt, however, and if the Bears are smart they will do their due diligence on recently-released center John Sullivan.  Guy knows the division and has the starting experience that is so desperately needed on this roster currently, system be damned.  If his back isn’t all messed up still, that is.

The Bears brass is mysterious, however, and the jury is still out on if the team is being shaped for a bright future.

Is Ryan Pace the right person to cultivate a winning culture?
Will the light come on for Kevin White?
Will the secondary survive losing their two starting corners?
Will Cutler revert back into being a middling crabass QB?
Will Pernell McPhee suit up wearing a peg leg?

And most important of all, will the team find ways to win games when they matter?

On Sunday September 11th, we have real games.  That’s league play, Smokey.  Preseason NFL games?  Mark them zero.  As far as the answer to the above questions, Brandt said it best:  “Well Dude, we just don’t know.”

But the injuries are pissing on our fucking rug, and that rug really tied the room together, did it not?

That’s just my opinion, man.

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